A special presentation of audiovisual works by artists working in the Netherlands. The screening will begin with a short introduction by artists Leslie Lawrence and Sophia Simensky followed by a series of short films from artists working in the Netherlands:

Aspect Ratio by Diana Al Halabi

How Long Does It Take? by Veronika Babayan

Future Relics by Baratto and Mouravas

Beauty and Enclosures by Alba Karsten

A Static Load Test for Seat and Backrest by Kitty Maria

Leslie Lawrence will then introduce ‘The Man Who Was Thursday’, a collaborative spy thriller that uses context of shared art production to produce an additional fantasy narrative about a wild anarchist plot to destroy the world. Under the cover of ‘art practice’, an esoteric cabal publicly flaunts their dangerous activity while moving forward with a deadly plan. At the heart of their scheme is a mysterious briefcase that one undercover operative must find before the mysterious figure known only as ‘Sunday’ has the chance to use it.

Based on G.K. Chesterton’s reactionary early 20th century novella, and echoing contemporary conservative fears about a nebulous conspiracy of ‘Antifa’ activists, the film imagines what it would look like if the postmodern values of ‘bohemian’ artists really did turn them into enemies of the state.

Total programme of screening: 2hr 15min, there will be a brief intermission