Recommended by Daniel Austin (Director)

I have always loved film and going to the cinema: there was a time when I would watch a film or go to the cinema at least five times a week!

Because I am proofing everyone’s recommendations (thrice over) before we publish them here – this being the 259th – to ensure that there is some consistency in the way we are publishing, I have been watching many of the film recommendations… This I recommend as it is always exciting to know more about the thing you love, to push the boat out, and to travel a path that you might not have travelled.

Over the weekend I watched GATTACA (1997), recommended way back on 8 May; ABOUT TIME (2013) recommended back on 23 April; and CAPTAIN FANTASTIC [again!] (2016) recommended back on 24 March!

My recommendation for Take Care for Today is to explore further many of the recommendations made here…