Recommended by Jacqueline Mézec (Honorary Secretary, Jersey Arts Centre Association)

I managed to save a little money during lockdown and since, because of the extreme curtailment of social events that I would normally have attended – no plays and performances, no films at the cinema, no holidays… No gain without pain – the converse of the equation is the financial loss suffered by many valued organisations. 

My recommendation for today is to consider taking up a new membership with an organisation whose goals you admire and share. 

Memberships offer financial benefits such as reduced ticket prices, but also intangible rewards such as being part of a like-minded community and getting updates about projects.  Similarly, for the organisation, having the support of members goes beyond the financial and is a tremendous reassurance. It is about sharing the bad times as well as the good times.

I recently became a member of  Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, prompted by its Love Your Zoo campaign:

Other memberships I value are of Jersey Arts Centre and Jersey Heritage. Follow your own interests and consider joining something new, whether a sports club or a political party or a reading group, whatever – it’s a small investment of money and/or time, but can be a big assertion of faith in our collective future.