Recommended by Wayne Stewart – Exhibitions Coordinator

FOREVER by Alan Yang & Matt Hubbard (2018)



‘Forever’ is a one-off television series on Amazon Prime; it stars Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolf. Perfectly summed-up by The New York Times: “‘Forever’ is a thrilling story of boring love”. After some unusual events (of which I can’t go into without giving away too much), June (Rudolf) and Oscar (Armisen) find themselves in a situation where they quite literally have to face an eternity together.

For anyone who has been or is in a long-term relationship, this story has a jarring familiarity. It’s a comical story of love and the stagnation that can occur over time. The thing I enjoyed most about this series is that although it starts as a very conventional romantic comedy it slowly starts to deconstruct those conventions and evolve into something quite fantastical –  so stick with it.