Recommended by Nick Poingdestre – Finance Officer

I WILL BEAR WITNESS by Victor Klemperer (1995)

This is the first of two volumes of diaries kept by Victor Klemperer and covers the period 1933 to 1941. Victor Klemperer was a Jewish professor and published writer living in Dresden during the ascent of power (in 1933) of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party. The diaries, which were kept at the risk of his life as well as that of his Aryan wife Eva, record the gradual erosion of liberties of Jews and which, as we all know, escalated to become the Holocaust. What you take from these entries is not just the abject misery that it wrought on innocent people but how subtle the changes were and how they were justified and explained away by the State. What is particularly grievous is that there exist today regimes which also rule by decree and terrorise silent minorities.