Recommended by Steven Laffoley-Edwards – Deputy Director (Stage & Events)

AN UNDERWATER ADVENTURE by Poppy Chitty (2014)

Poppy is a Grade 3 Student at St Mary’s Anglican Girls School and this was written for ‘write4fun’ – short stories.

Stories do not need to be long – they need to draw pictures in your mind. For me, this story has as much impact as many long novels. A beginning, a middle, and an end. Happiness, danger, and resolution.

Things do not need to be complicated: just honest.

“The afternoon was hot when I dived into the cool, refreshing, aquamarine water. Lazily I swam amongst the beautiful bluish greenish seaweed. The seaweed was dancing in the waves. The darting silver fish were leaping out of the water.

Then, without warning, a scary grey shadow moved over the top of my head. I felt a shiver and my head was spinning with fear.

Just at that moment I saw an underwater cave. I swam into the cave. The water was freezing and it was eerie. I saw some shells. Some of them were curly and some had tiny animals like snails inside them.

I wondered if the shadow I had seen was really a scary shark. Then I wondered if the shark lived in the cave. If he did live in the cave then maybe he would be cranky if he saw me in there.

The air was starting to run out of my oxygen tank. I needed to get out of the cave but I realised I was lost and didn’t know which way to go. I was starting to panic and I had almost given up hope when my awesome diving buddy suddenly appeared and came to my rescue. He shared his mask with me. I got some breathing air and started to relax.

We found our way out of the cave and swam speedily to the water’s surface. Then out into the sweet, refreshing air we went and we could smell the salt of the sea.”