Recommended by Nick Carver – Marketing Manager

ONE LITTLE SPARK! by Marty Sklar (2015)



Imagineering (a portmanteau of ‘imagination’ and ‘engineering’) is the implementation of creative ideas into practical form. The word was registered as a trademark of Disney Enterprises, Inc. in 1990 and is most often associated as an umbrella term for the highly-skilled artists, craftsmen, engineers and scientists who create Disney’s fantastical theme parks and shows.

Often over-looked, the work of the Imagineers is impressive, detailed and often mind-blowingly creative. This book gives a glimpse into the world of creating the immersive theatre and spectacle of Disney’s attractions. I have a keen interest in the work of the Imagineers, and thoroughly enjoy consuming any information on the subject: it inspires me to use that sense of detail, creativity and style in any project I undertake for the theatre and beyond.

There are many books on the market that explore the subject of Imagineering and its many facets and philosophies, and I would recommend any of them for those who are keen to breathe life into their dream projects. This particular book is written by the design legend Marty Sklar, a former international ambassador for Walt Disney Imagineering.