Recommended by Nick Carver – Marketing Manager


 I love a ghost story. Everyone has one to tell. Whether you believe in ghosts, or not, I’m sure you’ve sat around at a party and listened intently as someone recounted their own paranormal experience that they couldn’t explain. As a child, I couldn’t read enough spooky stories (the more hair-raising the better) and I was particularly fond of anthologies. 40 years on, there are a number of these concise tales that still resonate with me, none more so than Joyce Marsh’s ‘The Woman in the Green Dress’.

 The story is simple: while washing up and gazing out of her kitchen window at the nearby railway line, Alison Temple sees a woman in green fighting an unseen assailant on the 3:03 to Caitham Junction. Shocked by this occurrence, Alison alerts the authorities, but no evidence of the woman in green’s existence can be found. Alison begins to see visions of the woman on the train with increasing regularity, until the truth unfolds at the spine-tingling conclusion.

 The story was featured in a 1970s compendium entitled ‘Spectre 3’, but my copy has long been lent out and lost. It was also included in an anthology called ‘Macabre Railway Stories’. Long out-of-print, should you ever happen upon either of these books, pick it up and turn to find out what happened to the woman in the green dress…