This exhibition explores self-expression, imagination, and true self. Each artist has taken a personal vision and through self-awareness put it into an external form.

John Lewis uses drawing as a powerful form of mental health therapy, having struggled with depression for much of his life. Carlo Zen is a self-confessed dreamer, often portraying the serene and calmness of Jersey’s landscapes, camera in hand as he captures the still. Melissa Rodrigues celebrates feminine strength in her work and feels that when women join together there is a support network of comfort, her magical images define this mystery. You’ll be drawn into the playful aesthetic behind Jacques Le Breton’s work, each piece pulling you into his mind’s eye, he beckons ‘speak friend and enter’.

The selection of work features mixed media, photography and acrylic on canvas, of varying scale and size. We hope you are captured by its inspiring theme and celebrate your own self-expression creatively.