Jersey Arts Centre has hosted 30+ residences since 2010 for one, two or three week periods, in various Island spaces: St. James Church, the Assembly Room at St. Helier’s Town Hall, The Old Magistrate’s Court and the Benjamin Meaker Theatre. They have all helped to promote new and creative work in dance, music, drama and multidisciplinary processes that have been a precious asset to the programme of Jersey Arts Centre. We hope to be able to continue to support these residencies in the years to come allowing theatre companies, artists, musicians, dancers and other makers the chance to rehearse, create, write and be inspired by their surroundings here in the Island.

A residency highlight from 2018 was when acclaimed actress Linda Marlowe teamed up with director Di Sherlock to perform ‘Overdrive’. Resident in the Benjamin Meaker Theatre throughout a week in July, this cyber fairytale was inspired by William Gibson’s sci-fi classic ‘Mona Lisa Overdrive’, and saw Marlowe take on five female characters – a Japanese schoolgirl, a Hollywood Sense/Net star, a Whore, a Street Samurai and an avenging Ghost – in a virtuoso piece of storytelling that enthralled its audience.


Our RESIDENCIES have included:

  • Free Time Radical by Frequency D’ici, January 2010
  • Spaceman by Dudendance, October 2010
  • 13.7 by curious directive, May 2011
  • Big Voices, Big Noises by Simon Macdonald Prods., October 2011
  • Magda by Sarah Kewley Hyde, April 2012
  • Interventions by Sheri Burt and Company, June 2012
  • Archipelago by Melvil’s Diary, November 2012
  • Infinite landscapes: Poetic Origami by Art’Comedia, October 2013
  • Infinite landscapes: Poetic Origami by Art’Comedia, March 2014
  • FREEZE! by Nick Steur, June 2014
  • et si / and if by Théâtre du Champ Exquis, July 2014
  • Flesh! Lights! Camera! Action! by The Brewing Company, March 2015
  • Laura Newey (on piano), July 2017
  • The Boiling Sea v1.2 (coal in the rivers) by wolf kid theatre, July 2017
  • Exploring Beckett by The Story in Motion Project, October 2017
  • Overdrive by Linda Marlowe + Di Sherlock, July 2018
  • Going Underground by Simon MacDonald, October, 2018
  • Edmund / Edgar by Jonny Liron + Jeremy Hardingham, February 2020