The States of Jersey has declared a climate emergency, and plans are underway to make Jersey carbon neutral by 2030 – twenty years earlier than the UK. It will mean huge changes, involve a lot of money, and touch on almost every aspect of island life. But how did we get here? Over the last 20 years, Jonathan has had a ring side seat on the climate change debate. As a TV producer in the BBC Science Unit, he was involved in almost every major BBC documentary about climate change, including 2019’s “Climate Change: The Facts”. He’s met leading climate change sceptics, visited scientists studying climate change all over the world, and filmed climate change in action. In this talk, illustrated with clips from many different television programmes, he explains why climate change is such a difficult subject to film, identifies the key turning points in our understanding of the changing climate, and discusses how best to tackle climate change scepticism.

Jonathan Renouf is an award-winning television producer who spent 20 years working for BBC Television’s Science Unit. He was Executive Producer of series such as “Wonders of the Universe”, “The Sky at Night” and “How Earth Made Us”. His climate change credits include: “Earth: The Climate Wars”, “Meltdown: A Global Warming Journey” (BAFTA Nominated), “Climate Change by Numbers” and “Climate Change: The Facts”. He now lives in Jersey.