Recommended by Nick Poingdestre – Finance Officer

  • France, Italy, Germany: 1994
  • Cert: 18 / 2 hours 39 minutes
  • Director: Patrice Chereau

My last film recommendation is a gory, bodice-ripping, historical blockbuster. Intrigued by the publicity posters when visiting Rennes in 1995, I went to see this one evening and was absolutely mesmerised. Everything about this film is stunning and when I finally staggered out of the cinema I didn’t realise it was almost midnight and clearly too late to find anywhere to eat. Thankfully the train station had some very sad sandwiches left but the hunger was a small price to pay for having experienced ‘La Reine Margot’ in full French immersion. In an attempt to defuse religious tensions in France between the Protestants and Catholics, the weak King Charles IX, who is his mother’s puppet, agrees to marry his Catholic sister Marguerite to the Protestant Henri from Navarre. The ensuing violence, intrigue, assassination and passionate encounters certainly gave a lead-in to the more recent ‘Game of Thrones’.