Dear Members, Friends and Visitors

Below is an update on the steps Jersey Arts Centre is taking to help minimise the spread of COVID-19 and our current operational status.

Please click on the following link for the latest information from the Government of Jersey:

Our building at Phillips Street closed to the public on Monday 23 March until further notice.

The Government of Jersey announced on Tuesday 24 March that closure measures were extended to: cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums and galleries etc. – see the website for the latest news.

As all our hirers and promotions have either cancelled or postponed their events scheduled between April through August, Jersey Arts Centre Association suspended its usual activity for an initial period of six weeks until Friday 1 May. This suspension was, of course,  extended…

In line with the Chief Minister’s statement on Monday 27 April, the subsequent publication of ‘Jersey’s Safe Exit Framework’, and the move to LEVEL 3: SOFT LOCKDOWN on Monday 11 May, our programme and our usual opertion at Jersey Arts Centre remained suspended.

However, on Wednesday 13 May, cafejacs  began serving take-away food and drinks from the French Windows between Mondays and Fridays and this was extedned to Saturdays.


As the Island moved into LEVEL 2: SOFT OPENING on Friday 12 June, Jersey Arts Centre began its planning and preparation on a ‘staged’ opening process.

This is JAC’s ‘staged’ opening plan:

(1) Planning (from: 1 June)

(2) Preparation (from: 30 June)

(3) Information and Training (from: 22 July)

(4) Systems of Work and Testing (from: 28 July)

(5) Test Opening + Review (from: 4 August)

(6) Soft Opening (of the building)

(7) Performance Opening

The time scale of the above is not wholly known but we will update you on progress on this page at the relevant time (see dates above).

We now await for the current Guidelines for cinemas and theatres issued by GoJ on Wednesday 10 June to be revised in order to be able to eventually progress to our Stage 7.

For clarity: the Island (from Saturday 8 August) is now at ‘Level 1: Physical Distancing’ and we are at ‘Stage 5: Test Opening + Review’.


Since 8am on Monday 30 March, all our staff have been working from home on planning for the future, and developing ideas on how we continue to tell our beautiful stories on-line and in different ways.

Three of our key purposes at Jersey Arts Centre are to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE DEBATE and as we have been doing this or 37 years, With and For our Island Community, we will continue to do so…

We have been publishing our new activities since 23 March via our website, and through social media, in order for you to remain culturally and socially engaged in all our stories.

In order to support the health and well-being of our audiences, members, volunteers and staff, and in order to help combat the spread of COVID-19, we have been advising precautionary safety measures, including: 

  • Educating our staff on prevention and procedures
  • Emphasising frequent and proper hand washing
  • Cleaning high contact points more frequently
  • Advising ‘Social Distancing’ for those aged 65 years+ from 14 March
  • Working from Home from 20 March
  • Social Distancing for the Whole Population of the Island from 20 March*
  • Closing the doors at Phillips Street to the public on 23 March
  • Self Isolation for those aged 65 years+ from 27 March*
  • Adhering to the ‘Stay at Home’ instruction from Monday 30 March*
  • Continued Physical Distancing and Hygiene Measures

* Please see the latest Government of Jersey advice for Social/Physical Distancing  at the link above.

We will continue to keep in touch with you and be guided by official advice from the Government of Jersey and Public Health authorities. We will update this message at c.3pm on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) or when necessary.

Thank you so very much for your continued support of Jersey Arts Centre: to our incredible team of volunteer stewards, committee members, audiences, and to our loyal and dedicated staff.

Volunteer Stewards! If you need support to assist you with your groceries or simply to chat, email me below if the need arises and I will assist. Thank you so much for your commitment and stewardship at all our shows! We will see you soon!


With best wishes


Director –

as at 9:30am on Saturday 8 August 2020