Whilst Jersey Arts Centre has been adhering to the current guidelines and directives issued by the Government of Jersey on Wednesday 23 December – in that indoor recreational and cultural facilities remain closed until at least the morning of Monday 11 January – we had nonetheless planned, for after this time, a series of popular and nostalgic movie experiences for your delectation and delight.

However, our movie experiences will have to wait a little longer as we will not be able to offer live events or screenings until sometime in February, at the earliest, when we hope we will see you all again.

At the Government of Jersey’s press conference on both Thursday 7 and 21 January – and in its statement on 26 January – it was announced that the current guidelines and directives are extended and remain in place.

However, the Berni Gallery is now permitted to be open and will do so from Monday 8 February between 12noon and 5pm Monday through Fridays and on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. And from Monday 22 February cafejac is open for eat-in food and drink with the Bar Gallery open between 12noon and 5pm Monday through Fridays and on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm.

Please check out the relevant details on the relevant website page.

Jersey Arts Centre re-launched, from Friday 8 January:

  • The Daily Recommendations
  • Flash! Fiction!
  • Off the Wall
  • JAC-anory

And introduced:

  • BATHTIME FOR BRITAIN by Dr Adam Perchard (from Monday 11 January)
  • SCENES FROM A… (from Monday 18 January)
  • ANDY MAKES PUPPETS by Andy Heath (from Tuesday 2 March)
  • The on-line BERNI GALLERY Exhibition
  • The on-line BAR GALLERY Exhibition

We hope you enjoy the revivals as much as you did in 2020! And we cannot wait to know what you think about our new initiatives.

Jersey Arts Centre will adapt and change accordingly so do keep checking these pages…

When we do fully open again, all our Health & Safety Measures remain in place, as previously, so do also check these out on our website.



Jersey Arts Centre and cafejac have completed a Risk Analysis and Assessment for coronavirus and measures have been in place since August 2020 to reduce the risk of infection.

In order to support the health and well-being of all visitors to Jersey Arts Centre, and to help combat the spread of COVID-19, we ask that everyone undertakes the following precautionary safety measures: 

  • Educate yourself on Government of Jersey advice and guidelines at gov.je
  • Observe all our signs, instructions and room capacities
  • Follow the advice and guidance of both JAC staff and cafejac staff
  • Maintain Physical Distancing at all times – currently 2 metres
  • Ensure frequent and proper hand washing and hygiene measures
  • Be vigilant in the use of our toilet facilities and sanitise hands before and after use
  • Do not enter the building if you are showing or experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19
  • The use of face masks at Jersey Arts Centre is strongly recommended from 26 October


As the Island moved into LEVEL 2: SOFT OPENING on Friday 12 June, Jersey Arts Centre began its planning and preparation on a ‘staged’ opening process.

This is JAC’s ‘staged’ opening plan:

(1) Planning (from: 1 June)

(2) Preparation (from: 30 June)

(3) Information and Training (from: 22 July)

(4) Systems of Work and Testing (from: 28 July)

(5) Test Opening + Review (from: 4 August)

(6) Soft Opening (of the building) (from: 9 September)

(7) Performance Opening (from: 12 October)


For clarity: the Island (from Saturday 8 August) was at ‘Level 1: Physical Distancing’ and we progressed to ‘Stage 7: Performance Opening’ on 12 October. However, from Saturday 19 December 2020, through to at least the beginning of February 2021, Jersey Arts Centre remains closed again, as detailed above, and our staff are working from home. Cafejacs remains open for take-away only so do check their website for take-away times!

In September 2020, we started workshops and rehearsals with: Junior Drama, youtheatre, ACT and the Christmas Community Company. We also took a limited number of Room Hirings during this time and exhibitions re-started in both the Bar Gallery and the Berni Gallery. All groups observed our new Rehearsal Guidelines and Room Guidelines in order to reduce the risk of any spread of COVID-19. We hope that the above groups will be able to re-start again at some point in February 2021 but we will be in contact to confirm. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Please see the latest advice on coronavirus at this link:



We will continue to be guided by official advice from the Government of Jersey and Public Health authorities and will update this page when necessary.

Thank you so very much for your continued support of Jersey Arts Centre: to our incredible team of volunteer stewards, committee members, audiences, and to our loyal and dedicated staff.

Between Monday 23 March and Friday 11 September – and for 25 busy weeks – Jersey Arts Centre created 1,009 activities and experiences, and a further 842 communications, across our digital platforms (Total: 1,851) some of which are still available to experience on our website. Enjoy!

And between Friday 9 October and Thursday 17 December 2020 we presented 50 events at the Benjamin Meaker Theatre: 18 film screenings, 14 live performances and 16+2 performances of our Christmas production of Gerald Durrell’s ‘My Family and Other Animals’…


Keep Well and Stay Safe!


With best wishes


Director – director@artscentre.je

as at: 20:00 hrs on Sunday 28 February 2021