Recommended by Steven Laffoley-Edwards – Deputy Director (Stage & Events)

TURTLE by Steven Laffoley-Edwards (2014)

I make no apology for this self-indulgent selection. This photograph was taken during a trip with my Father to Galapagos in 2014: an amazing trip by boat around Isabella, observing one of the most magnificent locations of unspoiled beauty on the planet.

I took up diving 10 years earlier, and it has given me so much personal enjoyment and the ability to teach others to dive and understand the beauty of the underwater natural world.

You do not need to go far to open your eyes and observe nature: a window box, a walk on a beach, snorkelling, or diving. Today, people move too fast. So to find a positive from COVID it has to be that it has given people time to rethink and rebalance what is important to them.

We do not need to find big expensive pieces of art to look at. Instead, find something that gives you pleasure. That is art! Take a moment to look through old photo albums; they are there to recall memories.