Recommended by Steven Laffoley-Edwards – Deputy Director (Stage & Events)

  • Antrobus
  • Oil in canvas / 3ft x 4ft

Last sold at auction in 1994 it raised 200,000 Francs – which would be £40,000 today…

The 3ft x 4ft work is a white canvas with three almost white diagonal lines to the lower-left corner. Although described at the time by one critic as “a piece of white shit” it was revered by pundits as one of his seminal works.

Dropping back into obscurity in later times his works are mostly now viewed in a mocking or educational light.

A copy of this picture can now be seen, including a lovingly drawn skier – added in blue permanent marker – hanging on the stairway to the Control Room at Jersey Arts Centre.

For more information on his work and this painting, I would recommend you read ‘Art’ by Yasmina Reza.