We have encouraged our students to think carefully and look closely at many different aspects of what makes us human. Young people are growing up in a world of malcontent, disorder and constant change. Amongst the gloom, however, are distinct rays of hope.

By exploring topics within a thematic approach that include politics, gender roles, climate change and the environment, colonialism, greed and corruption, religion, war and conflict, protest and activism, scientific developments and of course the coronavirus pandemic too…we are now confronted with a range of creative responses to The Anthropocene and man’s impact on the planet and the wider community.

Our students have become confident in articulating mature and developed concepts within their work whilst understanding the context in which it exists in a personal and meaningful way.

We are proud to be able to showcase at least some of the depth and range of talent that we have at Hautlieu School, and hope that our wider audience enjoys the hard work that each student has invested in their studies.

We would also like to thank Jersey Arts Centre, who continue to be great supporters of the creative arts.

Image: Oliwia Florence

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