by Charlotte Jones

1924: Persephone Baker is planning her coming-out ball at the Dorchester when she finds herself abandoned at St Dymphna’s Hospital for the Criminally Insane with only “unhinged, cigar-smoking, monomaniac transsexual” Dora Kitson to keep her company. Forgotten for 50 years, Persephone and Dora escape to a surreal fantasy life enlivened by Doris Day, 2000 Bolshevik women, a Moulinex hand whisk and…Airswimming.

By turns funny and desperately sad, ‘Airswimming’ is a story about friendship and the power of the imagination.

‘poignant, intelligent and at times wickedly funny.’ – The New York Times

‘the structure and writing, clear and unsentimental, both trip to the light fantastic – effortlessly gliding from the desperately funny to the desperately sad” – The Guardian