Recommended by Dot Perks (Volunteer Steward and a member of the Management Committee)

  • THE BLIND GIRL (1856)
  • John Everett Millais (1829-1896)
  • Oil on canvas / 82 x 62cm

We’ve been looking at a lot of rainbows over the past couple of months but I’d like to share another with you that has been familiar to me for many years.

I grew up in Birmingham, whose Museum and Art Gallery has an extensive collection of Pre-Raphaelite art on permanent exhibition, and on visits there I’d always go for yet another look.

I love the vibrant colours of their paintings and the opportunity to make up your own story.

‘The Blind Girl’ for instance is a touching scene with two girls in drab clothes set in an almost luminously bright colourful background where the brilliant sunshine has just come out after a rain shower to produce a double rainbow. From there you can place whatever interpretation you want…..

A point of interest is that Millais originally painted the colours of the two rainbows in the same order – a schoolboy error that he later corrected. Next time there’s a double rainbow check out the colours for yourself.

Another fact for you: as you probably know, Millais was born into a prominent Jersey family and spent his childhood here. But did you know that Queen Victoria made him a baronet of Palace Gate in Kensington but also of Saint Ouen in the Island of Jersey!